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DRRA Honors Local Scholars

For the sixteenth straight year the Del Rey Residents Association proudly honored the top students at Marina del Rey Middle School.  Current president Elizabeth Pollock and former president Lillian Jenkins presented the honorees with gifts cards in recognition of their accomplishments.





From left to right: Ayanna Thomas; Ruby Macias; Sabrina Maximo; Osric Holt; Ava Easter.  Regrettably Kenya Hall, the 8th Grade Class Representative, did not make it into the picture.

There were so many outstanding students this year that the Marina del Rey Boosters Club  joined us in purchasing gift cards.  There were also twenty — count ’em, 20! — students who had perfect attendance throughout their time at the school.

DRRA’s recognition of the school’s outstanding students dates back to Lillian’s tenure as president.  All three of her children attended Marina Del Rey Middle School, and her son was in the first graduating class.  When she retired as DRRA’s president, she asked the association to recognize the school’s stellar students in lieu of any personal honor, thus beginning a tradition that we proudly continue.

Congratulations to all the honorees and their proud families.


Safety Tip of the Month (June, 2016)

1168509_602104263271162_1067764224_nHere’s a quick, simple tip from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  Consider using the same cell phone photo technique with children and adults when hiking or camping.  Having a same-day picture that shows what an individual is wearing can be a great help if a member of your party goes missing.



Map Your Neighborhood



During a major disaster, you and your neighbors will most likely be the first responders on the scene.  Working together as a team saves lives, reduces the severity of injuries and minimizes property damage.

“Map Your Neighborhood” is a program designed to help neighbors know in advance which people on their block or in their apartment building have special skills and special needs.

Join the Del Rey Residents Association on Thursday, May 12 or Tuesday May 17 at the MOA Wellness Center, 4533 S. Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, 90066 to learn how easy it is to “Map Your Neighborhood” and organize your area before disaster strikes.  Sessions begin at 7:30 pm.

Reserve your seat at readydelrey@delreyhome.org

Spring General Meeting, 2016


DRRA wishes to thank all who attended our Spring General Meeting, the topic of which was Water and Power in Del Rey.  That includes the DWP panelists — Brad Bassett, Randy Bowen, Steven Bullum (representing the Power portion of DWP) and Jesus Gonzalez (representing the Water portion of DWP).

We also extend thanks to the residents who attended and asked pertinent questions of the DWP representatives.  As always, member participation is critical to the success of these general meetings.


General Meeting — Spring 2016



March 24, 2016
Westside Neighborhood School
5400 Beethoven Street (off Jefferson Boulevard)
Los Angeles, CA 90066
7 PM — 9PM


You’re Invited to Attend Our Spring General Meeting Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

The topic is WATER and POWER in DEL REY

Our guests are:

Speaker Jesus Gonzalez who handles our water system.

Speaker Steve Bullum who handles power engineering.

Both work for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and will discuss:

  • What is the condition of our pipes and power lines?
  • What is being done to meet new demand created by increased development?
  • What is the plan if our supplies are disrupted?

Water and power are items we take for granted UNTIL there is a disruption.

Please come with your concerns and questions.


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