We are a committed group of neighbors and community participants seeking to make the place in which we live and work a friendlier, more pleasant, and more attractive place.

Your Board Members

Here’s a “class photo” of your Del Rey Residents Association Board Members.

From left to right in the front row they are:  Janice Santos, parliamentarian; Wendy Averill, director;  Tobyann Mandel, recording secretary; Elizabeth Pollock, president; Mary Cain, second vice president; Ghassan Malek, corresponding secretary.

In the back row, from left to right: Chris Nevil, director and newsletter editor; Larry McNamee, director; Sharon Blunk, director and membership chair; Maureen Madison, director; Brian Reiff, first vice president; Monika Driesslein, Treasurer.



January Board Meeting 1/5/2015

Here’s wishing all of you a very Happy New Year.

After the festivities are over, join us for DRRA’s first board meeting of 2015 on Monday, January 5th, at 7 p.m. at the Venice Japanese Community Center (12448 Braddock Dr. Los Angeles, 90066.)

The agenda includes discussion of a large proposed project on Louise Avenue.  Developer Kevin Read will be attending.  We will also be updating the membership on discussions with the Department of Transportation regarding the worsening parking situation east of Inglewood between Washington Blvd. and Culver Blvd.

2014 Fall Newsletter

DRRA’s 2014 Fall Newsletter is available.  Click on the following to access an up-to-date account of your Resident Association’s most recent activities.  Newsletter

Fall General Meeting Was SRO!

DRRA’s Fall General Meeting Brings Candidates and Del Reyans Together
by Tobyann Mandel

A standing-room-only audience of Del Rey residents had the opportunity to hear directly from candidates for State Assembly and State Senate at the Del Rey Residents Association’s Fall general meeting on Wednesday, October 22nd.

Participating in the locally unprecedented gathering of hopefuls were State Senate District 26 candidates Ben Allen and Sandra Fluke; State Assembly District 62 candidates Autumn Burke and Ted Grose;  State Assembly District 54 candidate Glen Ratcliff, and District Director Scott Malsin, representing Assembly District 54 incumbent, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas.

After brief introductory remarks by Del Rey’s City Council Representative Mike Bonin, who thanked DRRA and President Elizabeth Pollock for creating this important forum for discussion with potential State representatives, Pollock introduced the candidates’ panel, and each candidate was given two minutes to make an opening statement.  

Scott Malsin spoke for Ridley-Thomas, noting that the Assembly member feels that the aftermath of the recession is still affecting L.A. economy: his first priority is jobs and support for small business. Malsin continued that he believes that education needs a boost to have an educated work force, including a program for business-education internships.   Regarding traffic, Malsin noted Ridley-Thomas’ view that only way to alleviate the great gridlocks faced by commuters is more support for public transit systems.   These themes were echoed by the other candidates.

Glen Ratcliff said that he is native to the area and was educated locally.  He has been a small business owner, providing staffing for special events.   Ratcliff believes the educational system needs an overhaul and should emphasize the basics: reading, writing, mathematics, history, geography.  He feels that with a basic grounding in the essentials, students can go anywhere from there.   Ratcliff would try to attract industries that have left Los Angeles, especially the movie industry, by reducing fees and easing permitting requirements.  He would keep Proposition 13 as is, and feels that there should be more concern for seniors.  

Autumn Burke has been involved in various business ventures, including real estate.  She described her platform as also including new jobs, affordable housing, and quality schools.  

Ted Grose, a native Californian, and a longtime Los Angeles resident, thinks more dialogue and thought is needed in government so that there is more accountability and concern for the long term effects of the laws that are passed.  He feels that business and environmental concerns can be  compatible.   He also wants to simplify the education system so that the funding goes to the schools and not the bureaucracy.  Grose also stated he would include a “vocational” education track as well as preparatory college track in the school system.  He wants to bring more business to California, but says there is a need to have well prepared artisans and craftsmen to work in these industries.

Sandra Fluke, an attorney, noted her interest in social justice, the educational system, environmental causes, and election reform.  

Ben Allen, an attorney and school board member for the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District,  is also interested in educational reform, environmental-open space projects, and public transportation issues.

After the opening statements, as a “kick-off” question, each candidate was asked his/her vision for Ballona Creek and the Ballona Wetlands.     All the candidates agreed that these Wetlands need to be protected.  There was some agreement that there was no way that it can be “restored” to its origins, but feel that much can be done to preserve them as a Wetland  providing  open breathable space, refuge to indigenous flora and fauna, and educational opportunities for the humans.     They were all opposed to the Annenberg plan to build on the Wetlands and to construct buildings and a dog and cat sanctuary in this particular parcel.  All are in favor of having the Wetlands having an educational purpose but do not think a big building is needed to do this.

Then, the audience had 90 minutes to ask questions of the panel.  Virtually all members of the audience remained for the entire meeting, making clear their interest in the role of State politicians and legislation in the community’s quality of life. DRRA President Elizabeth Pollock expressed the DRRA Board’s pleasure with the event. “It was a lot of work getting busy political candidates to attend an event such as ours so close to the election. But the community’s tremendous turnout and great interaction with the candidates proved it was all worthwhile!”.  Pollock also thanked the Westside Neighborhood School for hosting the evening in their excellent facility.

Del Rey Day

Del Rey Day

Sunday, October 19th, 2014
11 am — 3 pm, Glen Alla Park
4601 Alla Road, L.A. 90290

The Del Rey Neighborhood Council’s annual Del Rey Day is being held this Sunday, October 19th, at Glen Alla Park.

Free food, drinks, activities for the kids and live entertainment are included in the event. Councilmember Mike Bonin and other public officials will be in attendance.


Your Del Rey Residents Association is proudly participating in this event with an information booth detailing our on-going efforts to improve disaster preparedness within our neighborhood.

In addition to materials aimed at helping interested Del Reyans make their homes and neighborhoods better prepared for the next major event, the DRRA will raffle off a preparedness kit that has been kindly donated by More Prepared (www.moreprepared.com).

We hope you’ll drop by our booth as you enjoy this annual celebration of our Del Rey community.

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