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VJCC Summer Festival

Join the Japanese Venice Community Center at their 夏祭 Natsu Matsuri Summer Festival
Saturday 6/27, 12pm-9pm
Sunday 6/28, 11am-8pm
12448 Braddock Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90066


The JVCC, located in the heart of Del Rey, has always been very generous to your Residents Association, so we are very pleased to help spread the word about their upcoming Natsu Matsuri Summer Festival.  Further details are available at:


Score One for Neighborhood Activism!

Plans for Controversial Del Rey Broadband Tower Cancelled


Plans for a 70-foot broadband LTE tower in Del Rey have been cancelled, Councilmember Mike Bonin announced on June 9th.  Mr. Bonin’s full comments can be found at


Your Residents Association (which received a gracious nod in Mr. Bonin’s statement) applauds this decision, as do the more than forty Del Reyans who attended our last Board Meeting to voice opposition to the plan to location of these towers in a residential neighborhood. 

The DRRA extends a special thank-you to Amber and Jaimie Trueblood for their efforts in mobilizing the neighborhood.  Community involvement of this kind can and does make a difference.

The Del Rey Residents Association’s monthly board meeting will be held this coming Monday, June 1st.

Venice Japanese Community Center, 12448 Braddock Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90066
7:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm

Agenda items include:

– Developer Stefan Klein is scheduled to tell us about his project at 12461-12473 Louise Ave

– Discussion of the two 60-foot monopole transmission towers that are planned for this area – one at Pacific Division and one in Culver-Slauson Park.  
As always, your participation and input is not only welcomed but encouraged. 

Ballona Creek Cleanup June 27

Ballona Creek Cleanup!
Saturday, June 27, 2015, 9am-noon
Centinela Ave. at Milton St., LA 90066, between Culver Blvd. and I-90/Marina Fwy


BCR and the Culver City High School BCR Club will be conducting a Zero Waste event and appreciate your help in making this successful!

Join volunteers of all ages in this fun and worthwhile activity where the inland water and incoming tide meet, a special place for fish, birds, plants — yet still too much trash and concrete!

It’s a great way for students to earn community service credits. As with all creek and coastal cleanups, participants under 18 need waiver forms signed by their parent or guardian; the forms are available either on-site or online.  Adult volunteers also need to sign waivers.

Wear closed-toed shoes (preferably water-resistant) and sunscreen. Bring your own water in a reusable container. Water also will be available at the event, along with bags, grabbers, gloves, buckets, and educational displays.
For waivers, flier, and other details, go online to www.ballonacreek.org.

BCR’s Centinela Avenue creek cleanups are made possible by the ongoing support and permission of LA County Public Works/Flood Control District and LA City Council District 11/Councilman Mike Bonin and the active co-sponsorship of the Del Rey Neighborhood Council and LA City Office of Community Beautification.

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Safety Tip of the Month (May, 2015)

Water Part II
(Because Water Is So Important!)

Last month’s tip regarded the minimum amount of water you should have safely stored for an emergency.  But what if you get caught flat-footed?  Now what?

Unless you have a tankless water heater, your heater’s tank is usually full of clean, drinkable water, but ALWAYS turn off the electricty or gas to your heater before tapping into this emergency reservoir.  Also, close off the cold water source going into your heater to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the tank.

Your toilet’s tank (but not the bowl) has several gallons that are perfectly usable unless you place toilet bowl cleaning tablets inside.

Ice cubes in your freezer and even the liquid in canned vegtables provides a small amount of water in an absolutely dire situation, but these sources are obviously not up to the task of hydrating a person for any length of time.

Finally, there is the issue of swimming pool water.  While you can find web sites with advice about how to make pool water potable (and many of these sites are in the business of selling products to make it so), the process is tricky and the Los Angeles Fire Department through its CERT program advises against it.

If none of these options sound simple, pleasant or practical, this is because they aren’t.  The best plan of action is to have an adequate supply of water on hand for each member of the household (including pets) for a bare minimum of 3 days. 

Be prepared, Del Rey!

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