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The Del Rey Community

Our Mission

We are a committed group of neighbors and community participants seeking to keep the place in which we live and work an attractive and functional neighborhood.

Established in 1972, the Del Rey Residents Association is a private nonprofit organization, not to be confused with the Del Rey Neighborhood Council which was established by City Charter in 2003.

As a private organization, the DRRA can be more nimble than the Neighborhood Council on certain issues, and therefore provides an independent voice for the more than 33,000 residents, including the 500 households in the unincorporated County portion of Del Rey.

As our name implies, our primary concern is with the needs and concerns of the people who live in Del Rey, whether tenants or homeowners.  Residents’ interests are often at odds with those of the City and other levels of government.  They are also often different from the interests of local businesses.  We happily cooperate with these diverse groups whenever possible, but never forget that our only purpose is to advocate on behalf of residents.


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