Disaster Preparedness

  • Earthquake Preparedness


    Take action now. If you can't get to the street, 911 can't get to you. 

        Make a kit:

    MySafe:LA Kit recommendations

        Make a plan:

    CERT Training Course 

       Organize or Volunteer to be a      Block Captain

    CERT Disaster Guide

    Block Captain sign-up

  • Wildfires

    Prepare Your Home



    The Los Angeles flood of 1938, considered a 50-year event, caused 99,000 cubic feet of water per second to flow. The Great Flood of 1862, much worse. Note, both occurrences before urban sprawl of the modern era.

    Citywide Community Plan update in process, 2020. Voice your concerns. 

  • civil unrest

    Your Rights and The Police

    If you take part in a protest -

    know your rights (ACLU).

    If you are questioned or arrested -

    know your rights (ACLU)

  • mosquitoes

    To report problems and get help, call  562-944-9656 

    Learn more about mosquitoes in LA County

  • sea level rise

    in california

    Surging seas, warming oceans, melting glaciers.

    Learn how to reduce risks; read local fact sheets.

    Argonaut article, ramifications.


    Climate change can cause our typically temperate area to experience high temperatures.

    County of LA Public Health publishes easy to understand comprehensive information.

  • air quality

    Check air quality before you exercise outdoors. Make sure you're not doing yourself more harm than good.


    How California's power crisis works.


Ready Your LA Neighborhood

RYLAN helps neighborhoods create an emergency plan.



Rylan adapted for Stay-at-Home