Interceptor Pilot Project Destined for Ballona Creek

We in Del Rey have been offered our very own Interceptor from the Dutch company The Ocean Cleanup (see their video at, due to be installed at the mouth of the Ballona Creek in the beginning of this year. We are all aware of the amount of trash humans place into the Ballona Creek that is simply allowed to wash out into the Pacific Ocean unobstructed - and it’s been going on for years with little or no tangible solutions. While the Interceptor is no "Silver Bullet" for our trash problems this trash collection barge is in fact being handed to our region on a Silver Platter!

HOWEVER, there may be a chance that it is not guaranteed of being installed, which is the reason we are reaching out to you for your support.

Please let LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell's Office know of your support for this pilot. Here’s what you can do: 1) Use your own social media posts and tweets and tagging her @hollyjmitchell 2) Contact her office via email at, her website: , or call her at 213-974-2222 3) Send information to other community groups or advocates.

The below talking points will assist you, and please feel free to personalize your notes:

1) Supervisor Mitchell, as a resident of your new district, I am excited to be represented by you and grateful for your service to our county. 2) Trash on our beaches and in our waterways and oceans is a major concern to me, in particular the 60,000 pounds of trash that flows from Ballona Creek into the Pacific Ocean each year. 3) Millions of wildlife are being affected by the waves of trash that enter the Santa Monica Bay at each rainfall. 4) We all have to do everything in our power to stop it, through strong policy, education, cleanups and breaking with the status quo. We urge LA County to pursue multiple solutions that address plastic pollution and other trash in Ballona Creek. 5) Specifically, we ask you to give your full support to the innovative Ballona Creek Trash Interceptor Pilot Project at the current location where it has been studied and permitted. 6) The Interceptor will help with trash collection in a state of the art way. It is not an end-all solution but very much worth the effort: success of the pilot project will mean capture by the Interceptor of at least 50% of the plastic trash flowing down the river. 7) We hope we can count on your support. This is an amazing opportunity, provided by The Ocean Cleanup, to rid our ocean and coastline of plastic and trash pollution and leave a legacy for future generations.

Additionally, please see the attached video that shows what happens on the creek after a First Flush, which really highlights the issue:

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