Opposition to Removal of Parking Requirements

Del Rey Residents Assn (DRRA)

Oppose AB 1401

EMAIL TO: LA City Clerk clerk.cps@lacity.org


Re: Council File Number 21-0002-S106

Motion asking City Council to Oppose AB 1401

To the Los Angeles City Council:

The Del Rey Residents Association opposes AB 1401 and urges the City

Council to do the same.

The Del Rey Residents Association (DRRA) is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization

that represents the interests of the residents of Del Rey. If enacted, AB 1401 will

considerably negatively impact Del Rey residents who live near transit corridors. We

thank you for this opportunity to comment on the City’s proposed Motion.

We oppose AB 1401, which would remove minimum parking requirements from both

commercial and residential developments within one-half mile walking distance of a

“high quality transit corridor” or “major transit stop.”1

1 A “high quality transit corridor” is a parcel with fixed route bus service with service intervals no longer than 15 minutes during peak commute hours. A “major transit stop” is an existing rail or bus rapid transit stop…or the intersection of two or more major bus routes with a service interval of 15 minutes or less during morning and afternoon peak commute periods.

If enacted, AB 1401 would do nothing to address our community’s need to provide

permanent housing for the unhoused who are sleeping on our streets, in our parks

and along our creeks. It would simply exacerbate the parking problems we currently

experience on our residential streets.

Del Rey has six major streets where (pre-COVID) bus service ran every 15–20

minutes during the day (Metro, Blue Bus and Culver City). Thus, under AB 1401,

nearly every parcel in Del Rey could be developed free of minimum parking

requirements. AB 1401 presumes that residents can rely on public transit instead of

vehicles for their transportation needs. This is a false presumption in this community

made up of families with children, working-class people, caregivers, and the like who

need their cars and trucks to make a living. Even residents who are transit users also

own and use vehicles to conduct all the necessary business of life such as safely

traveling to work, school, grocers, medical facilities and similar.

The residents of Del Rey know from experience the reduced livability and quality of

life that insufficient parking requirements can wreak. The areas that were traditionally

single-family homes but are zoned to allow for multi-family buildings are already

suffering from a lack of parking because the garages in older buildings cannot

accommodate larger vehicles, or they were built when only one family member

worked outside the home.

In these areas, the City has allowed new construction without requiring enough

parking for guests and employees. The result has been insufficient off-street parking

and streets overcrowded with parked vehicles, more circulation of cars as people

search for vacant on-street parking spaces, increased traffic congestion and air

pollution and the proliferation of preferential parking districts. In addition to degrading

the quality of life in our neighborhoods, these possible outcomes put into doubt the

egalitarian and climate-conscious goals of AB 1401.

In sum, removing parking requirements without sufficient consideration of the overall

impact on the existing neighborhood will only exacerbate existing traffic and parking

problems. While AB 1401 may be well intended, parking requirements are most

appropriately established at the local level based on community needs. A one-size fits

all approach to an issue that is project-specific just does not work. For these reasons,

we oppose AB 1401 and we urge the City to do the same.

Our Land Use Committee drafted this letter, and our board reviewed and approved it

at our meeting on August 30, 2021.

Very truly yours,


By Elizabeth Campos Layne



Mayor Eric Garcetti mayor.helpdesk@lacity.org

State Senator Ben Allen

Assemblymember Autumn Burke

Assemblymember Isaac Bryan

L.A. County Supervisor Holly Mitchell, ℅ @bos.lacounty.gov

Councilmember Mike Bonin councilmember.bonin@lacity.org

Vishesh Anand vishesh.anand@lacity.org

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