ReZoning Plan for Del Rey

New Westside Community Plan

Proposes Increased Density 

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New Community Plan Proposes Increased Density to Del Rey


Forms will be forwarded to all relevant City of LA departments and councils.


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The proposed Community Plan should not go forward as planned.  Wait until the pandemic ends and life resumes.

Why must growth be the default? Why not, instead, quality-of-life. Del Rey could benefit from improvements and updating. 

Restate and endorse the 1997 plan currently in effect. Slow the Community Planning until more study can be done on the future after COVID-19. 

The proposed Plan will negatively impact a quiet single-family home neighborhood that has already absorbed a great deal of high-density housing.

Increased density should be restricted to the existing large corridor streets.

I like what the Plan implies and I'm in favor of rezoning the area for multi-story housing. 

Del Rey fortunately avoided the rolling black-outs in the last heat wave, but we are on the edge. The utilities infrastructure is in need of upgrading to support modern electrical and broadband needs. 

We object to wording that implies the Wetlands and open spaces are protected, when the  Plan implies that they could be developed to some degree.  

The proposed Plan would undoubtedly lead to increased traffic congestion and parking issues.  Delay until a traffic reduction system, such as a center-lane light rail in place along Lincoln.

Building without addressing infrastructure makes no sense. 

Del Rey has overwhelmingly negative response submitted to City Planning in regards to Paseo Marina. Current zoning must be respected and the 1-2 story commercial development maintained. 


Too many existing problems still need to be addressed before adding to the area.

There is a poor history of enforcing codes and covenants. Developments, once built, leave us with the problems.

The future may look quite different from the past. The Draft Proposals should be redone after life outside resumes.

Mar Vista Gardens is not historically significant. Preservation of the current buildings is not worthy of preservation status. Actually, significant upgrading should be considered. 

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